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Baby Child Kids Forehead Strip Head Thermometer Fever Body Test Temperature

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Product information:
Name: the forehead thermometers
Material: PET + LCD
Size: 16 * 90 mm
Temperature 35 ℃, 36 ℃ and 37 ℃, 38 ℃, 39 ℃ and 40 ℃
* product features:
1. This article adopts the environmental protection materials, non-toxic side effects to infants.
2. Reading, intuitive and convenient.
3. Can be arbitrary bending, is not easy to break.
4. No mercury, no alcohol.
5. Has the environmental protection, science, practical advantages.
6. Can be used.
7. Many lovely cartoon design.
8. Has passed CE certification.
Will patches on his forehead position for 15 seconds.
According to the scale of the green is for the current forehead temperature.
If no display of green scale, the said temperature between amber and blue color scale.
Please at room temperature (21-23 ° C; 70 ° F to 74 ° F) when using this patch.
No exposure to the sun, such as liquid crystal show discoloration (shock) state, can put the LCD products in the refrigerator is strictly forbidden in the freezer for 30 minutes, can restore the effect
The LCD thermometer is according to the heating temperature and temperature index. In general, the bodys forehead temperature will be lower than the normal temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius, but the weather is different, because each place environment is different, the bodys forehead temperature will also be different. So, please, the user must be used in normal room temperature. In addition, because the winter air temperature is lower, the patch itself temperature is low, stickers forehead heat slower, please increase the appropriate patches with forehead contact time.